Finding, refinishing and restoring treasures worth saving.

Hello, and welcome to MidModTeak and more.

My name is Kevin and I live in Cornwall, Ontario Canada with my wife, a Chinese Sharpei and an Old Boston Bulldog. I am an avid collector of antiques and vintage collectables. Starting from a young age, I loved to find treasures at auctions, yard sales, and vintage shops. Something about preserving the old ways of doing things has always appealed to me and there is nothing like finding a diamond in the rough.
My wife and I first started collecting antiques before we got married by going to garage sales and auctions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Our life together took us abroad for fifteen years where we lived in Japan and travelled in Asia. Our love of finding interesting keepsakes kept us looking in any antique market and second-hand shop for very old pieces to add to our collection. Having returned to Canada for seven years now, and after more than 20 years of collecting and restoring many of the aged and previously-loved pieces, I have decided to open my Etsy store for others to buy some treasure of their own.
We had the good fortune of inheriting some magnificent Danish teak pieces of furniture that, quite frankly, were damaged beyond recognition. It was in doing extensive research, and using what I already knew of restoring wood to its natural grace, that I have grown to love refurbishing mid-century modern pieces. The sleek designs, and clean sensual lines of the Scandinavian furniture, have lead to a new avenue of interest for me. My hobby and my work have now made the perfect synthesis to be one and the same.
I am excited for you to look through my collection to find that special something for someone dear to you…or maybe, just to tell yourself ‘thank you’.